Possible But Not Probable #1

This section of our blog is for readers who don’t need a large number of facts, or stats surrounding their sports rumours. Possible But Not Probable (PBNP) is a segment where our imaginations can run free to some extent, sharing things that are 100% possible, but not very probable to happen. Expect crazy statements, absurd assumptions and down-right wild accusations in our bi-weekly report Possible But Not Probable.

Belichick Has Already Inked His Retirement


Our first PBNP is slightly more possible than we Patriot fans would like to admit but, it is not yet the probable outcome, hence it being featured here.

Over the 2017 season, it was clear that the media projections of ‘disturbances’ in New England were more than just click-bait headlines, with evidence of the issues between Brady, Belichick and Kraft emerging as the season was played. One of the initial conflicts in the organisation seemed to happen after the Patriots traded young gun Jimmy Garoppolo to San Francisco in exchange for a second-round pick in the 2018 NFL draft a decision that Bill Belichick was supposedly ‘furious about‘ according to ESPN – however, the Patriots marched on, winning as if there were no issues on or off the field.

Later in the season, another report of conflict arose from New England as Tom Bradys’ (and others) personal trainer and friend Alex Guerrero was supposedly banned from the teams’ sideline during games and even more strangely from flying on the team plane with the players. In light of these reports, Belichick and Brady refused to comment on the situation adding another layer to the rumours that something deeper was going on in New England.

Finally, flash forward to the end of the season as the Patriots lose in the Super Bowl and Robert Kraft has scheduled a meeting to discuss the problems between Brady and Belichick, stating that ‘egos need to be checked‘ confirming that for the reasons mentioned or not, there was definitely tension within the Patriots building. Additionally, the Patriots are set to lose their Offensive and Defensive Coordinators, Patricia to the Lions and McDaniels to the Colts. All in all, the Patriots seem in to be going into uncharted territories, with no succession plans for either coach or Quarterback in place.

However, the morning that Josh McDaniels is set to leave New England whilst clearing his office at Gillette, Kraft and Belichick supposedly meet with him convincing him (with offers unknown so far) to stay with New England, a decision which made McDaniels agent quit due to the ‘career destroying decision.’ So what did McDaniels get offered in that dark corner of Gillette? Here is my Possible But Not Probable theory.

It is possible that Josh McDaniels is already the new coach of the New England Patriots, with Belichick helping him with draft options and free agency until the new season starts; although this may seem far-fetched, it is entirely possible. Belichick has been on a record-breaking Pro Day tour of late spanning the length and breadth of the country, whilst being very active in working out ‘headline’ prospects; however, this is where things look strange to me. There have been multiple videos of Belichick working out high pick prospects such as Bradley Chubb from NC State, who shall go far higher than the Patriots can reach in the draft, a fact which is acknowledged by Belichick in the video whilst in conversation with Chubb. McDaniels, however, has had very little media attention although attending multiple Pro Days by himself, something that has not been seen in recent history. When questioned about McDaniels absence from the public eye Belichick laughed and responded ‘he is working very hard on the Pro Day circuits.’ So why is Belichick spending so much time with prospects that the Patriots are not targetting, whilst Josh McDaniels is flying under the radar scouting players who obviously aren’t headliners – hence within the Patriots reach?

What promises were made to McDaniels that day in Gillette? Is he already head coach? Is Belichick retiring, or moving to another team? Let us know your thoughts below!

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