Hudson’s Hot Takes #1


The NFL gives us many surprising moments in recent years; we’ve had Super Bowl 49 and 51 that gave many Patriots fans (including me) near heart failure, we’ve had Superbowl 52 which gave many Patriots fan (including me)actual heart failure. We have also had firing of Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, coupled with the hiring of him the very next day (sigh..) and most recently we have seen the Miami Dolphins sign Brock ‘the flop‘ Osweiler (I mean, C’mon seriously?).

The NFL is always ripe in blockbuster moments, here are the first of our hot takes for next year. Big claims, backed by real evidence.

End of a Kicking Era in New England

Gostkowski has been the only successor of Adam ‘clutch‘ Vinatieri who has won the Patriots many games including Super Bowl 36 with the game-winning kick. Since then, Gostkowski has become a pretty reliable kicker adopting the name from many fans of ‘GOATkowski’.

Although Gostkowski is averaging about 90% kicking accuracy over his career, it all started going downhill after the AFC Championship game in 2016 where he missed a crucial extra point forcing the Patriots to attempt a late in the game 2-PT try which evidently did not work. In addition to this brutal championship failure, as a Patriots fan I believe that this missed kick could have cost the Patriots not just a trip to Super Bowl 50, but the trophy itself due to the straight up trash performance for the Panthers that night.

Fast forward to the next season, Gostkowski’s slump continued and he finished the season with an 84% kicking accuracy. The Patriots still managed to win the Super Bowl that year but no thanks to Stephen who missed another crucial extra point forcing the team to go for 2 late in the game, this time succeeding and providing us with the best Super Bowl comeback ever. He also missed 2 field goals and an extra point in super bowl 52 which did cost us the game

Rodgers Last Year as a Cheesehead

Aaron Rodgers, one of the most athletic and skilful Quarterbacks to ever play the game, some would argue one of the greatest of all time (but that’s a whole other argument, for another day.) Rodgers has been a Packer from the start of his NFL career taking over from Quarterback legend Brett Farve. Since then, there is no question Rodgers has dominated NFL defences throwing for 313 touchdowns and 38,502 passing yards. Additionally, Rodgers has won 2 NFL MVPs and is a 6-time Pro Bowler.

However, despite his dominance of the NFL, the Packers have not shared in his dominance, winning only one Super Bowl since they drafted Rodgers. For this reason, I believe if Rodgers wants to be taken seriously in the ‘G.O.A.T’ debate he needs to win at least one more Super Bowl and the Packers do not look like they can get him there.

There are many championship-worthy teams would happily take Rodgers off the Packers’ hands and would give a lot to get him; such as the Denver Broncos or the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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