C’mon man… Really?

The NFL provides us with many surprising moments some that just seem absolutely ridiculous, some that have us rolling our eyes and some that have us wetting our self. I’m going to rank the top 3 WTF man moments in NFL history

Nobody’s Burfict…Especially Vontaze.

Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is known for his not so great relationship with the NFL. Whether it’s being suspended for PEDs, an illegal dirty hit or for some reason trying to fight Gronk. Burficts track record in the NFL started before he was even there when he failed a drugs test at the combine meaning he was picked up as undrafted free agent despite being an All- American at Arizona State. In Burficts rookie season he didn’t pick up one fine or suspension to many’s surprise. Burficts first big ‘c’mon man’ was against the Carolina Panthers in the 2014 when he was seen trying to twist not only Cam Newtons but also Greg Olsen’s ankles after the tackle.

The next was against the Steelers in the 2015. The steelers and bengals are already on of the biggest rivalries in the whole of the NFL and Burfict did not help when he was recorded going for Big Bens legs on a play. Finally, as I’m sure many can remember, the horrendous head to head collision with Antonio Brown in the 2016 playoffs. Over the past 3 years Burfict has missed the first 3 games due to failed drug tests and has had fines ever year (apart from his rookie year) portraying him consistently as a bad guy, I mean every year? C’mon man…really?

Not so Lucky Whitehead

At the start of the NFL year last year prolific Dallas receiver and better known kick and punt returner Lucky Whitehead was living his best life averaging 25 yards on kick returns and a lock on the 52 man roster. However, during the offseason a warrant for Whiteheads arrest went out. The crime? Shoplifting…$40 of food out of a convenience store…in Virginia. Admittedly, many of us believed him when he said that it wasn’t him but ironically (we all know how much the Cowboys love their convicts) the team cut Whitehead. Also, if that wasn’t bad enough we later found out the allegations were obviously NOT true and Lucky was cleared on the wavier wire where he was picked up by the failing New York Jets, to start a new venture of his career. However, just when you still think it can’t get any worse Whitehead breaks his foot 2 weeks into pre-season with the Jets and is ruled out for the rest of the season. I mean the dude is called Lucky… C’mon man…really?

Cheaper by the Cromartie

Antoine Cromartie is a fantastic defensive back with 31 interceptions and 417 tackles, and isn’t known to pull out of tackles but saying that, that goes for most of his life. According to google Antonio only has 10 kids however he actually has 14 children (that’s more children than Andy Dalton has playoff wins… oh wait.) I know what you’re thinking, ‘this is funny but not embarrassing’ but what makes it a ‘C’mon man’ moment is that Cromartie had a vasectomy after number 11.

Yes, you read that correctly, Antonio had 3 kids with a vasectomy – he really is superhuman. To add icing to the cake Antonio was asked to name all his kids on a recent series of Hard Knocks and well let’s just say he’ll be blaming concussions for memory loss. C’mon man…really!?

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