Possible But Not Probable #2


This weeks edition of PBNP is looking at the up and coming draft and the possibilities within it that may make NFL headlines, even though there are no facts or rumours suggesting they are likely to happen. The first team on the list is the new and improved Cleveland Browns.8bb4152bfebce10e85c442e0362ce87b

Okay, so this offseason the Cleveland Browns have shocked the NFL making move after move and forming what looks to be a legitimate contender for the upcoming season; not to mention having the first and fourth pick in the draft. However, unlike some around the league, I am not buying it. The Browns are still the Browns, and unless they took that crazy pill from Limitless they are still destined to make a stupid move at some point this offseason. My PBNP prediction is that the Browns will screw up their draft, by drafting a college only QB, and will miss out on the ridiculous talent that is Saquon Barkley. I think the Browns will select Josh Rosen, and that will be all she wrote on his career in the NFL and we will all rest easier knowing that the only Browns heading to the Bowl are the ones we make after Taco Tuesdays.

My Second PBNP prediction involves the Miami Dolphins and their superstar QB, Brock ‘the flop’ Osweiler.


So either the Dolphins suffering a major Thad Castle concussion, or they are going to make a move in the draft. Surely the fact that the Browns cut the Edward from Twilight look-a-like should tell the Dolphins he sucks, and will not be able to lead the team; and with Tannehill being made out of glass, they need someone new. My PBNP prediction is that Miami will trade for the fourth overall pick in the draft, trading with Cleveland. In this trade, I can see the Browns receiving wide-out Kenny Stills and the original Miami pick – which would add another receiver to the all-star Browns. With their newly acquired fourth pick, the Dolphins will select either Baker Mayfield, or Josh Rosen – dependant on how the draft goes. To be honest, if this happened, it would be a good move for both teams, and is potentially more probable than just possible.

The next edition of PBNP will include more ridiculous statements, without any attempt to back them up – because sports blogging is more fun without rules.


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