Best Nike running shoes

Sport is our passion at Hudson Halftime Report and one of the most important parts of your sporting apparel is the footwear – whether it is cleats or trainers they will impact your whole game. From work experience I have picked up a lot of crucial knowledge about Nike running trainers that can impact your running and your life.

5- Nike free run

Nike free runs are definitely Nike’s most popular running shoes this is due to their many varying styles, colours and cheaper price. Nike free runs are very good for making short sharp cuts and being agile because the very lightweight they provide. But the free runs will not give you the support that you need for long distance running due to their thin sole and you will feel a lot underneath your foot. Nike free runs are built for indoor games or for everyday use. Here’s a link to my favourite pair- Nike Free Run

4- Nike Lunarepic


The next shoe on the list is the Nike Lunar-epic which once again comes in many different styles and colours (In the picture shown these are the Nike Lunarepic Flyknit Low 2s.) These shoes are a stable ride shoe this means they provide more support for your ankle, preventing ankle injuries. With a lunar foam deep sole, the Lunar-epic is going to give you a bounce in each step and dampen each impact blow giving you a very comfortable run. The only downside is the fly-knit used is very difficult to wash and gets dirty very easily. If you go over your ankle often or have a previous ankle injury  I would highly recommend these shoes.

Here’s a link to my favourite pair- Lunarepic

Got a lower budget but in desperate need of new shoes?

3- Nike Pegasus (32)


This is my #1 recommended shoe.

The Pegasus 32 is an all-time favourite of mine, (my 4 pairs at home show evidence for this.) The Pegasus 32 is the best all-around shoe for running due to being lightweight and breathable. Additionally to this, the shoes have little strings connected to the laces which tighten around your foot giving you unbeatable comfort. While there are many models of the Pegasus available with newer models than the 32, I would still choose the 32 every time because of its unbeatable comfort and support.

Here’s a link to my favourite pair- Pegasus 32


2-Nike Zoom Vaporfly (4%)

This is the only shoe on the list I have not had the pleasure of trying out. These shoes are picked by most professional runners (especially marathon runners) and will be used by 15 runners in the Boston marathon. They have a similar sole to the Pegasus 32 with many people commenting that “it’s like running downhill the whole time.” The lightness of the shoe will give an edge to many runners when trying to improve their time.

The 4% model is the coveted model and is one of the lightest shoes ever made, the only problem? Trying to get yourself a pair. I have found many problems in trying to get the 4% because as soon as they come back in stock they’re right back out again. If you’re an experienced runner and want to get the best shoes possible these are the shoes for you.

Here’s a link to the Zoom Flys- Zoom Fly

1-Nike Epic Reacts

One of the fastest running shoes is the ‘Nike reacts.’

The ‘react foam’ on the sole of the shoe is 13% more reactive than any other foam. The fly knit top provides breathability, and the lack of tongue provides so much support for your ankle. These shoes can be used for anything from everyday use, running or a quick pick up game of basketball.

Kevin Hart compared these shoes to “walking on the pillow”  and these are by far the comfiest shoes on this list and will provide support all day. If your sporty and want to spend a bit more money on a good pair of shoes these are a must have, these are the future of trainers.

Here’s a link to my favourite pair- Nike React

All of these suggestions are my personal opinions.  Let me know if you have any other questions.