Michigan Draftees

Although my brother and I usually agree on sports teams we are bitter rivals when it comes to college football. Fraser is a Buckeye loyal, whereas I favour the Big Blue – (which makes for an interesting Saturday once a year).

Michigan set a program record in 2017 when 11 Wolverines were drafted across the seven rounds of the draft, however, this years draft was not as kind to the men in with on only two Wolverines taken.

The Cardinals drafted Center Mason Cole with the 97th overall pick of the draft hoping to take some of the work of 31 years old, ‘A.Q. Shipley.’ The second and final Wolverine off the board was Defensive Tackle Maurice Hurst, who was taken by the Raiders with the 140th pick in the draft.

I believe that Hurst will be a force in the league if his heart problem does not hinder him – which was evidently the reason he fell to the 140th after entering the draft as a potential first-round pick. Hurt obviously was frustrated having to wait so long to hear his name this week,

“It’s tough just going into it thinking that you’re one of the top players in the draft and having good tape and everything like that,” Hurst said Saturday in a conference call. “Just having to wait and see guys that you believe that you’re better than go ahead of you, I mean it’s tough. But I’m just happy to be in the right place and part of a great organization.”

A consensus All-American, Hurst finished the year with 61 tackles (14 1/2 for a loss) and five sacks. One of the most explosive players off the line in college football, Hurst at one point was rated as the top player in America by Pro Football Focus, regardless of position. He will be joining the star-studded Raiders defence, and I truly hope to see him do well in the league.

A further three Wolverines have been signed as UFA’s; O’Korn, McCray, Hill. O’Korn became the latest QB on the Detroit Lions Roster, and it will be interesting to see if he makes the 53 man cut before September.


One thought on “Michigan Draftees”

  1. Loving the Michigan content. Go Blue!!

    I agree that Maurice will play well above his draft ranking. Also, his heart condition was something that cardiologists from both the University of Michigan and Harvard had diagnosed during his college career. They all deemed him healthy enough to play.

    Will be fun to keep an eye on him.

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