Performance Enhancing Edelman…?

Patriots fans had the excitement of seeing Edelman tearing up OTAs last week – a promising sign of his recovery and the return of Bradys go-to receiver. However, that excitement may be short-lived as reports surfaced today that Edelman will be facing a 4-game ban as a result of ‘supposedly testing positive for PEDs’

If this report is true and Edelman does not win his appeal he will miss the first four games of the Patriots 2018 season. The Patriots schedule shows that they will host the Texans in the season opener before going on the road to Jacksonville in a rematch of last season’s AFC Championship. In Week 3 the Patriots will once again be on the road against their former coach’s Lions and in Week 4 will return home to Gilette to host the Dolphins.

Edelman has already been reported as appealing this suspension and Patriots fans can only hope that this situation is similar to when Adrian Peterson tore his ACL and was wrongfully accused on PEDs. During the medical process of an ACL repair, multiple steroid shots are given throughout, which is what showed up on Peterson’s screening, making it seem like he had used PEDs. However on appeal, and the second review the suspension was dropped and Peterson was exonerated; a fate that Patriots fan hope Julian will also incur.

We will keep you updated as the story develops.

One thought on “Performance Enhancing Edelman…?”

  1. This was a really great take. Hoping it’s a mistake result! Would be nice to finally have Gronkoswki and Edelman back together 🙏🏿


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