About the Brothers

Hudson Halftime Report is run by two brothers based in Scotland who are avid fans of most sports. We decided after years of watching, talking and fighting over sports we should smash our heads together and write some of our thoughts down.


Liam is the eldest brother, a university student who spends most of his time watching ESPN, CBS or BT Sports and is an avid American Sports fan. He has played many sports at different levels throughout his life but has recently realised that his biggest talent is opening a cold beer and giving TV referees his knowledge on why “that definitely was not a touchdown.”


Fraser is the younger, more athletic brother who (when not playing sports or in the gym) spends his time absorbing facts and stats about his favourite football or basketball teams, arming himself with the right facts to defend why ‘Brady is 100% the G.O.A.T‘ and ‘Belichick is more genius than crazy.‘ He also has a crazy talent for finding out NFL trades and FA pick-ups minutes before most sports pages.

The brothers spend at least 22hrs a day (sleep is over-rated, 2hrs off is for food and beer-runs) watching, speaking or thinking about sports and their iMessage chat history over the last few years is basically an unpublished sports blog, providing key insights, analysis and possibly biased (Go Pats) writing of the sports world.

Thank you for reading the blog, we look forward to continuing this journey and expanding the page as the years continue.

The Hudson Brothers.