The Basics of Drafting in Fantasy Football

Don’t reach for the receivers

The first round can either make or break your season, so making the right choice is crucial. Therefore, my biggest piece of advice is to draft positionally with a focus on Running Backs. Although many analysts place wide receivers (such as Julio Jones and Antonio Brown) as locks in the first round, we at the Hudson Halftime Report do not agree.

Last season, Julio Jones averaged 7 points per game which for some people seems like a respectable number. However, that average was distorted due to JJ having a huge 38 point game mid-season. Without that monster game, he only averaged 5 points a game which in my opinion is not first round worthy. Additionally, Jones is nowhere near being a young receiver anymore, and with the addition of some off-season pickups, his production levels are yet to be seen. Lastly, blaming 2017’s average solely on JJ would be wrong, as Matt Ryan had a dreadful year. Just remember when you draft a Wr, you are also ghost drafting their Qb – make sure it’s a good one.

Don’t just look at the player

… look at the whole team.

So we have decided that Running Backs are the place to go in the first round, however, when looking to draft a running back look at how the offensive line ranked last year because it doesn’t matter how good the runner is, if they have no time to build up speed (unless your Dion Lewis).  Additionally, if you do decide to go Wr, remember to Look at the Quarterback, remember for a receiver to catch a ball – some dude gotta throw it well – an example this year? The Browns traded for Jarvis Landry, and although Landry is an unbelievable player, Cleveland’s quarterbacks don’t exactly have a good track record, leaving Landry’s production an enigma…

Look at the Players’ Off-Field Performance

A fantasy football player is also a real-life human being who can make real-life mistakes and decisions which can affect their fantasy scores. Whilst Leveon Bell is clearly the best Running Back in the NFL and a very productive fantasy football player, Leveon has missed the start of most seasons due to smoking ‘illegal substances’ and has also said that he won’t play under this year’s franchise tag.  So while Bell is fantastic he might not be as productive as he can be because of his off-field shenanigans. However, if you have the 4th or lower pick in your draft and he is still there Snap. Him. Up. because we all know this guy can eat.

Also, if you are finding year-long fantasy too stressful (I mean injuries crippled my season last year) give Weekly Fantasy a try! FanDuel provides the best, most interactive Weekly Fantasy Football service and also give you the ability to earn some cash while playing. win-freaking-win.

Who are your Top 5 picks for this year’s upcoming Fantasy Football Draft?

Terry Rozier: The Greatest Man Alive…Probably

With the loss of Kyrie Irving for their playoff run, the Celtics needed someone to step up in a huge way.  Was it going to be the rookie Tatum? or the Old Man Horford? Although both have been amazing so far, Terry Rozier or ‘Scary Terry is easily the most important player that has stepped up. Rozier has averaged 11.3 points per game and 2.9 assists.

However, on and off the court Rozier has confirmed that he is a Boston player through and through, let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

Ice, Ice, Terry…


Boston Sports; consistently competitive, winning with a team of nobodies and giving fans heart attacks at the end of games (PTSD trigger from Super Bowl 51).

The Celtics are living up to this trend in a remarkable fashion, leaving it late in big games just like our other favourite Boston sports team, (Side thought, Terry and Brady share a jersey number, both are Boston players, and are great at winning… Move over Lebron!).

Throughout the playoffs, Scary Terry has shown us that he is not just a fantastic leader but also is the icy-est mofo in town. In Game one against the Milwaukee Bucks, he made a crazy three-point shot with only 0.05 seconds on the clock (clutch.) Then again in Game Five, he proved he was iced up swatting the ball away from ‘The Process’ in the final seconds… you could say he started ‘The Process of Elimination’.

Filled the Role When Needed

The Celtics have been unlucky with injuries, losing newly acquired Gordon Hayward in the first 5 minutes of the season (I mean C’mon, first Edelman, then Hayward – seriously?) and then Kyrie nearer the playoffsSince then, many people have written the Celtics off, waiting for them to burn out somewhere early in the playoffs (sound familiar? *cough* Eagles) however the rest of the team have stepped up to keep the Celtics very much in contention for the Finals.

One of the biggest difference makers this year? You guessed it – Rozier. He changed himself from a benchwarmer to a starter, boosting his average game time from 17 minutes a game last year, to 26 minutes this year. Last year Terry only scored a total of fourteen three-pointers in the playoffs, whereas this year he’s already had thirty-eight.

It’s a fair assumption that without Terry, the team might not be this far in the playoffs.

Terry has the Boston mentality

During games six and seven against the Bucks, Terry had a conflict with Milwaukee player Eric Bledsoe, to which Terrys asked ‘who are you?’ Showing how irrelevant Bledsoe was.

To add some Hot Sauce to the beef, after the Celtics finally beat the Bucks in game seven, Terry Rozier wore a Drew Bledsoe jersey, showing everyone that there is only one Bledsoe Rozier cares about. (I think Drew was just happy that someone remembered who he was and that he was getting some TV time, to be honest.

Either way, That’s just nasty Terry.

How far can this mixed bag, Boston team go? Will the King be enough to defeat the Green? It’s going to be a great series, however, it’s safe to say that the routing of the Cavs in game one will not be the norm throughout. Put your mask back on Terry, we need something Scary to dethrone the king.

Patriots Draft Analysis

The past 3 days have been FILLED with sports news thanks to the NBA playoffs and the annual NFL draft. However, this time it’s Bill Belichick crazy draft antics that get priority over ‘Scary Terrys’ Celtics run.

The New England Bulldogs

The Pats had two first round picks and which they used to select Offensive Tackle ‘Isaiah Wynn’ (23rd overall) and Running Back ‘Sony Michel’ (31st overall). Going into the draft The Patriots needed to fill multiple holes, (drafting the future GOAT) and two of them could potentially be filled with these picks. Isaiah Wynn will replace Brady’s blindside after the departure of the stud, Nate Solder and after picking up Georgias best tackle what do you do? You pick up their best Running Back. Here at The Hudson Halftime Report, we believe Michel is the second coming of Alvin Kamara, who as you know is the current reigning ‘offensive rookie of the year.

Michel and Wynn have both shown great attitude and leadership on an off the field, which could have potentially increased their draft stock with New England. They also have a huge amount of chemistry, with Michel totalling huge yards whilst running behind Wynn, this could be due to them being roommates for the last few years. These picks were obvious needed replacements for Lewis and Solder and The Georgia stars will be joining former teammates David Andrews (Starting center) and Malcolm Mitchell (2nd-year receiver).

Heir to the Throne

Many fans and critics thought the Patriots were going to select Lamar Jackson after meeting with him on multiple occasions. However when Jackson was still on the board at pick 31, Bill passed on the mobile-QB. Once Jackson passed by, the Hudson brothers thought Kyle Laulleta (Richmond) was a sure-fire lock for the Patriots, however once again another round passed without a QB.

Instead of the analyst picks, Bill selected Danny Etling (LSU) who dropped to 219th overall. After Googling this guy, and figuring out who the hell he is, we can safely say that Etling is not ready to start in the NFL, but looking at his tape shows a potentially bright future. Etling has a 120.9 passer rating when throwing deep which is 4th overall compared the rest of the Qbs in the Draft. Etling’s accuracy still needs work but with a year or two behind the GOAT, there is a chance he develops into a starter in the NFL, and potentially more. Let’s be honest at least it isn’t Hoyer.

Bill Has a Type…

Small, good-looking, white, wide receivers (that should be the Patriots slogan).

Braxton Berrios (standing at just 5,8″ and weighing 184 pounds) is a slot receiver who sounds just like a clone of Danny Amendola and a prototype Brady target. The Miami prospect was drafted 210th overall which in my opinion was a steal for one of Miami’s leading receivers and team captain.

What else does Bill like? Versatility. Another feature that will have attracted Bill is that Berrios is lethal when returning kicks/punts, a position that’s been fumble-worthy for the Patriots after since Edelman stopped fielding kicks. (Does anyone else get PTSD remembering Cyrus Jones fielding kicks?) Braxton joins a very deep receiver depth chart, but hey a small, white dude always will find a spot on the roster; get ready to see this guy used often.

The Pats also added some big defensive players in the late-round that should help lighten the load for Donte Hightower who is coming of injury this season.

The Patriots were very active in the NFL draft with more trade downs than picks but filled much-needed positions and are finally beginning to take shape for the upcoming season. It will be nice to see some old faces returning from injury also, providing an automatic lift to the roster. We can expect Belichick to make some more moves before the regular season starts, and we will keep you up to date with all our thoughts and analysis on future moves.

Best Nike running shoes

Sport is our passion at Hudson Halftime Report and one of the most important parts of your sporting apparel is the footwear – whether it is cleats or trainers they will impact your whole game. From work experience I have picked up a lot of crucial knowledge about Nike running trainers that can impact your running and your life.

5- Nike free run

Nike free runs are definitely Nike’s most popular running shoes this is due to their many varying styles, colours and cheaper price. Nike free runs are very good for making short sharp cuts and being agile because the very lightweight they provide. But the free runs will not give you the support that you need for long distance running due to their thin sole and you will feel a lot underneath your foot. Nike free runs are built for indoor games or for everyday use. Here’s a link to my favourite pair- Nike Free Run

4- Nike Lunarepic


The next shoe on the list is the Nike Lunar-epic which once again comes in many different styles and colours (In the picture shown these are the Nike Lunarepic Flyknit Low 2s.) These shoes are a stable ride shoe this means they provide more support for your ankle, preventing ankle injuries. With a lunar foam deep sole, the Lunar-epic is going to give you a bounce in each step and dampen each impact blow giving you a very comfortable run. The only downside is the fly-knit used is very difficult to wash and gets dirty very easily. If you go over your ankle often or have a previous ankle injury  I would highly recommend these shoes.

Here’s a link to my favourite pair- Lunarepic

Got a lower budget but in desperate need of new shoes?

3- Nike Pegasus (32)


This is my #1 recommended shoe.

The Pegasus 32 is an all-time favourite of mine, (my 4 pairs at home show evidence for this.) The Pegasus 32 is the best all-around shoe for running due to being lightweight and breathable. Additionally to this, the shoes have little strings connected to the laces which tighten around your foot giving you unbeatable comfort. While there are many models of the Pegasus available with newer models than the 32, I would still choose the 32 every time because of its unbeatable comfort and support.

Here’s a link to my favourite pair- Pegasus 32


2-Nike Zoom Vaporfly (4%)

This is the only shoe on the list I have not had the pleasure of trying out. These shoes are picked by most professional runners (especially marathon runners) and will be used by 15 runners in the Boston marathon. They have a similar sole to the Pegasus 32 with many people commenting that “it’s like running downhill the whole time.” The lightness of the shoe will give an edge to many runners when trying to improve their time.

The 4% model is the coveted model and is one of the lightest shoes ever made, the only problem? Trying to get yourself a pair. I have found many problems in trying to get the 4% because as soon as they come back in stock they’re right back out again. If you’re an experienced runner and want to get the best shoes possible these are the shoes for you.

Here’s a link to the Zoom Flys- Zoom Fly

1-Nike Epic Reacts

One of the fastest running shoes is the ‘Nike reacts.’

The ‘react foam’ on the sole of the shoe is 13% more reactive than any other foam. The fly knit top provides breathability, and the lack of tongue provides so much support for your ankle. These shoes can be used for anything from everyday use, running or a quick pick up game of basketball.

Kevin Hart compared these shoes to “walking on the pillow”  and these are by far the comfiest shoes on this list and will provide support all day. If your sporty and want to spend a bit more money on a good pair of shoes these are a must have, these are the future of trainers.

Here’s a link to my favourite pair- Nike React

All of these suggestions are my personal opinions.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

C’mon man… Really?

The NFL provides us with many surprising moments some that just seem absolutely ridiculous, some that have us rolling our eyes and some that have us wetting our self. I’m going to rank the top 3 WTF man moments in NFL history

Nobody’s Burfict…Especially Vontaze.

Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is known for his not so great relationship with the NFL. Whether it’s being suspended for PEDs, an illegal dirty hit or for some reason trying to fight Gronk. Burficts track record in the NFL started before he was even there when he failed a drugs test at the combine meaning he was picked up as undrafted free agent despite being an All- American at Arizona State. In Burficts rookie season he didn’t pick up one fine or suspension to many’s surprise. Burficts first big ‘c’mon man’ was against the Carolina Panthers in the 2014 when he was seen trying to twist not only Cam Newtons but also Greg Olsen’s ankles after the tackle.

The next was against the Steelers in the 2015. The steelers and bengals are already on of the biggest rivalries in the whole of the NFL and Burfict did not help when he was recorded going for Big Bens legs on a play. Finally, as I’m sure many can remember, the horrendous head to head collision with Antonio Brown in the 2016 playoffs. Over the past 3 years Burfict has missed the first 3 games due to failed drug tests and has had fines ever year (apart from his rookie year) portraying him consistently as a bad guy, I mean every year? C’mon man…really?

Not so Lucky Whitehead

At the start of the NFL year last year prolific Dallas receiver and better known kick and punt returner Lucky Whitehead was living his best life averaging 25 yards on kick returns and a lock on the 52 man roster. However, during the offseason a warrant for Whiteheads arrest went out. The crime? Shoplifting…$40 of food out of a convenience store…in Virginia. Admittedly, many of us believed him when he said that it wasn’t him but ironically (we all know how much the Cowboys love their convicts) the team cut Whitehead. Also, if that wasn’t bad enough we later found out the allegations were obviously NOT true and Lucky was cleared on the wavier wire where he was picked up by the failing New York Jets, to start a new venture of his career. However, just when you still think it can’t get any worse Whitehead breaks his foot 2 weeks into pre-season with the Jets and is ruled out for the rest of the season. I mean the dude is called Lucky… C’mon man…really?

Cheaper by the Cromartie

Antoine Cromartie is a fantastic defensive back with 31 interceptions and 417 tackles, and isn’t known to pull out of tackles but saying that, that goes for most of his life. According to google Antonio only has 10 kids however he actually has 14 children (that’s more children than Andy Dalton has playoff wins… oh wait.) I know what you’re thinking, ‘this is funny but not embarrassing’ but what makes it a ‘C’mon man’ moment is that Cromartie had a vasectomy after number 11.

Yes, you read that correctly, Antonio had 3 kids with a vasectomy – he really is superhuman. To add icing to the cake Antonio was asked to name all his kids on a recent series of Hard Knocks and well let’s just say he’ll be blaming concussions for memory loss. C’mon man…really!?

Hudson’s Hot Takes #1


The NFL gives us many surprising moments in recent years; we’ve had Super Bowl 49 and 51 that gave many Patriots fans (including me) near heart failure, we’ve had Superbowl 52 which gave many Patriots fan (including me)actual heart failure. We have also had firing of Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, coupled with the hiring of him the very next day (sigh..) and most recently we have seen the Miami Dolphins sign Brock ‘the flop‘ Osweiler (I mean, C’mon seriously?).

The NFL is always ripe in blockbuster moments, here are the first of our hot takes for next year. Big claims, backed by real evidence.

End of a Kicking Era in New England

Gostkowski has been the only successor of Adam ‘clutch‘ Vinatieri who has won the Patriots many games including Super Bowl 36 with the game-winning kick. Since then, Gostkowski has become a pretty reliable kicker adopting the name from many fans of ‘GOATkowski’.

Although Gostkowski is averaging about 90% kicking accuracy over his career, it all started going downhill after the AFC Championship game in 2016 where he missed a crucial extra point forcing the Patriots to attempt a late in the game 2-PT try which evidently did not work. In addition to this brutal championship failure, as a Patriots fan I believe that this missed kick could have cost the Patriots not just a trip to Super Bowl 50, but the trophy itself due to the straight up trash performance for the Panthers that night.

Fast forward to the next season, Gostkowski’s slump continued and he finished the season with an 84% kicking accuracy. The Patriots still managed to win the Super Bowl that year but no thanks to Stephen who missed another crucial extra point forcing the team to go for 2 late in the game, this time succeeding and providing us with the best Super Bowl comeback ever. He also missed 2 field goals and an extra point in super bowl 52 which did cost us the game

Rodgers Last Year as a Cheesehead

Aaron Rodgers, one of the most athletic and skilful Quarterbacks to ever play the game, some would argue one of the greatest of all time (but that’s a whole other argument, for another day.) Rodgers has been a Packer from the start of his NFL career taking over from Quarterback legend Brett Farve. Since then, there is no question Rodgers has dominated NFL defences throwing for 313 touchdowns and 38,502 passing yards. Additionally, Rodgers has won 2 NFL MVPs and is a 6-time Pro Bowler.

However, despite his dominance of the NFL, the Packers have not shared in his dominance, winning only one Super Bowl since they drafted Rodgers. For this reason, I believe if Rodgers wants to be taken seriously in the ‘G.O.A.T’ debate he needs to win at least one more Super Bowl and the Packers do not look like they can get him there.

There are many championship-worthy teams would happily take Rodgers off the Packers’ hands and would give a lot to get him; such as the Denver Broncos or the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Is Odell Moving On?

Recently we’ve heard that the Giants are ready to shop Odell Beckham Jr. who is arguably one of the best wide receivers in the league. The former 2014 offensive rookie of the year has been un-coverable in his played 47 games totalling 313 receptions, 4424 receiving yards and 38 touchdowns. He has also been invited to the Pro Bowl 3x. If Odell truly does leave the Giants, where will he go? My guess the Cleveland Browns... and here’s why.

The Biggest Reason…Jarvis Landry

There is no question that Landry and Odell are best friends. The 2 former LSU Tigers both played next to each other and formed one of the NFL’s greatest bromances challenging Amendola and Edelman. The Browns are really stacking up at the wide receiver position, not only with Landry but also with Josh ‘flash’ Gordon, a truly All-Star cast if Odell opted to join. There is also no doubt in the field general, as we all know Tyrod Taylor can throw a ball. Landry also wants Odell on his time and hasn’t been quiet about it at all.

Friendship comes before winning but with Odell maybe the Browns and Landry can have both.

The Browns Have The Goods

The Giants will be wanting at least a first-round pick for Odell and a high draft pick at that, sorry Patriots fans (we can dream). The Browns own the 1st and 4th overall pick in the 2018 draft and while many thought the Browns were going to take a Quarterback and Saqoun Barkley from Penn State, the Browns recently acquired Running Back stud Carlos Hyde, who admittedly has had a rough start to his NFL career (rushing for 2729 yards and 21 touchdowns in 655 carries.) Despite his latest numbers, Hyde had a really strong career at Ohio State and I’m sure that can be turned around, especially when splitting carries with speedster Duke Johnson.

If the Browns do decide to pursue Beckham they would still be able to get their quarterback in either Rosen or Darnold no matter if they pick 1st or 4th, whilst on the other side of the trade, the Giants could fill a lot of holes with a top round pick in the draft.

The Browns are on their way to becoming a challenging team again (I hope) and Odell wants to win, a point he had made clear with his sideline antics. It is beginning to look like the Browns having a winning season isn’t just a children’s fairytale story anymore, and with a seemingly never-ending cap space, adding another stud into the mix has ever seemed easier. If Odell does leave this season, I believe he’s going to Cleveland and maybe, just maybe, we should start fearing the Browns (that sounds weird to say.)

According to multiple sources, the Giants have been contacted by the Browns, the Packers, the Lions and the Rams in the last 24hrs, which team would you least/most like to see Beckham go to? Let us know below.